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Dr. Wild's Ultralight Mosquito Repellent Camping Bed - Pre Order SAVE 20%

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Relax comfortably anywhere with our Dr. Wild’s Camping Bed, offering you premium comfort and durability in any outdoor setting. It's more than just a bed; it's a travel companion designed to enhance your outdoor experience.

Stellar Features:

Our Dr. Wild’s Camping Bed boasts of an anti-mosquito fabric that ensures your peaceful slumber is undisturbed, keeping you safe from mosquito bites as you delve into a deep sleep. The fabric is not only anti-mosquito but also water-repellent and breathable, providing you the perfect balance between protection and comfort, come rain or shine.

Its low-key black appearance allows you to blend seamlessly with nature, maintaining a sense of privacy and serenity, perfect for those quiet moments under the stars.

Travel Light, Sleep Tight:

Weighing in at just 2.6kg (5.7lbs), our camping bed is ultra-light and easy to move around, perfect for spontaneous adventures. But don't let its light weight fool you; it's tough enough to bear a load of up to 159kg (330lb), perfect for a relaxing sit-down or a rejuvenating sleep.

Effortless Assembly:

Say goodbye to complicated setups. Our Dr. Wild’s Camping Bed offers a fast and straightforward assembly with 3 extremely light alloy brackets, 6 quick-release stands, and 2 bed bars - all crafted from durable 6063 alloy.

Luxurious Comfort:

Our camping bed has been widened and lengthened to provide you the ultimate relaxation, whether you're sleeping alone or sharing a moment with a loved one. With dimensions of W186 x D66 x H39cm, you'll have all the space you need to stretch out and relax.

Innovative Extras:

The bedside features a removable protective bag for added convenience. Store your cell phone, power bank, or any other necessities safely while sleeping or sitting. It's your exclusive storage space so that you won’t lose or misplace important items.

The package also includes a storage bag for your camping bed and a hanging bag for your personal items, giving you a place for everything.

Versatile Use:

Whether you're going on a camping trip or simply need an extra seat, our Dr. Wild’s Camping Bed fits the scene. Convert it to a seat or use it as a bed; it's suitable for various scenarios, giving you a practical, versatile solution for your outdoor adventures.

Unleash your adventurous spirit with the confidence of our premium quality Dr. Wild’s Camping Bed. It's time to redefine comfort on your terms.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: W186 x D66 x H39cm
  • Capacity: W53 x D26 x H14cm
  • Weight: 2.6kg (330lb)
  • Bracket: 6063 alloy
  • Fabric: Wilds-Tex anti-mosquito nylon, breathable, water repellent
  • Color: Black

Package Contents:

  • 1x breathable bed sheet w/ mosquito repellent and water resistance
  • 3x extremely light alloy bracket 
  • 6pcs extremely light alloy quick  release stand
  • 2pcs extremely light alloy bed bar
  • 1x Storage bag
  • 1x Hanging bag

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