45g Ultralight - 3000w Folding Gas Stove

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Your Ultralight stove fits in a small pocket!

Introducing the Ultralight Pocket Stove: The Perfect Companion for Outdoor Cooking

Are you an avid camper or an adventurous bike tourer seeking the ultimate cooking solution? Look no further than our Ultralight Pocket Stove, a marvel of compact design and exceptional performance. With its remarkable features and unmatched convenience, this stove is tailor-made for long-distance, self-supported bike tourers and fast-and-light enthusiasts who demand the highest quality equipment in the smallest package.

Designed for Ease of Use and Rapid Boiling Performance

Featuring an impressive 3000W of power, our Ultralight Pocket Stove delivers exceptional ease of use and fast-boiling performance. Say goodbye to cumbersome priming, preheating, or pressurizing procedures. With our stove, simplicity reigns supreme. Just turn it on, light the burner, and start cooking. It's as easy as that!

Fully Adjustable Flame for Culinary Versatility

Don't settle for limited cooking options in the great outdoors. Our Ultralight Pocket Stove boasts a fully adjustable flame, allowing you to prepare gourmet meals with precision. From a rolling boil to a slow simmer, the control valve turns effortlessly, even when you're wearing gloves. Embrace culinary creativity wherever your adventures take you.

Stability and Portability Combined

We understand the importance of stability when it comes to outdoor cooking. That's why our Ultralight Pocket Stove features serrated pot-supports, preventing your pot from shifting during cooking. No more precarious situations or spills to worry about. When it's time to pack up and move on, this stove folds up compactly, making it incredibly travel-friendly.

Versatile Compatibility for Global Travel

Whether you're embarking on a local camping trip or exploring the far corners of the world, our Ultralight Pocket Stove has you covered. It is compatible with most self-sealing canister fuel, ensuring a reliable cooking experience regardless of your location. Please note that fuel canisters are not included with the stove.

Protective Carry Cloth Bag Included

We know that every piece of your gear is precious, and that's why we've included a durable carry cloth bag with our Ultralight Pocket Stove. Safeguard your cookware and keep the contents of your pack secure during transportation. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your stove is protected and ready for your next adventure.

Experience outdoor cooking convenience with our Ultralight Pocket Stove. Embrace its compact size, exceptional performance, and easy operation to elevate your camping and bike touring experiences. Add this must-have piece of equipment to your gear collection today and unlock a world of culinary possibilities in the great outdoors.

Technical specs

Best Use
Bike Packing, Bike Touring
Fuel Type
Burn Time (Max Flame)
Approximately 60 minutes
Average Boil Time (1L)
3 min. 30 sec.
Dimensions (when open)
7.25 x 5 x 4 inches
Weight 45 grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pocket sized burner

Have used for 3 camping trips now, works great. The burner held a pot with at least 2l of water, stayed secure even when hot. Folds down to the size of a lighter and tucks away nicely in my cook kit. Boils water quickly enough, though I've never timed it.

Adrien Marchand

Small, can boil 300 ml water in few minutes.

Alice Poirier

very small.small but very strony flame.recomended

Pierre Meunier

Corresponds to the description, it came quickly enough.

Carla Lopez


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