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What is Bicycle Touring all about and should I plan a trip for 2023?

What is the Cycle Touring Life? Quick intro to bicycle touring.

Bicycle touring, also known as cycle touring or bike touring, is a popular activity that involves exploring new places and cultures by bicycle.

One of the main attractions of bicycle touring is the freedom and independence it offers. Unlike other forms of travel, bicycle touring allows you to travel at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can stop and explore interesting places along the way, and you have the flexibility to change your route or plans if you want to.

Bicycle touring is also a great way to stay active and healthy while traveling. It allows you to cover longer distances and see more of a place than you would be able to on foot, and it provides a low-impact form of exercise that is easy on the joints.

Another advantage of bicycle touring is the sense of accomplishment and self-reliance it can bring. Unlike traveling by car or public transportation, bicycle touring requires you to rely on your own strength and endurance to get from one place to another. This can be challenging at times, but the sense of accomplishment and personal growth that comes from overcoming those challenges is part of what makes bicycle touring so rewarding.

If you're thinking about giving bicycle touring a try, there are a few things you'll need to consider. The first is your route and destination. Will you be traveling on paved roads, or will you be taking on off-road trails? Will you be staying in hotels, or will you be camping along the way? Once you have a general idea of where you want to go and what kind of terrain you'll be dealing with, you can start planning your route and making any necessary reservations or even visa applications if you will be crossing countries.

Next, you'll need to consider what kind of equipment you'll need for your trip. This will depend on a number of factors, including the length of your trip, the type of terrain you'll be covering, and the weather conditions you'll be dealing with. At a minimum, you'll need a reliable and comfortable bicycle, a helmet, and a basic tool kit for making repairs on the road. You can find almost everything you need on at reasonable prices. Other useful items might include a map or GPS device, spare tires and tubes, and a first aid kit.

Finally, you'll need to think about what you'll need to pack for your trip. In addition to your clothing and personal items, you'll need to bring along enough food and water to sustain you on the road. This will depend on the length of your trip and the availability of stores and other sources of food along the way. You may also want to bring along some basic camping equipment, such as a tent and sleeping bag, if you plan on camping along the way.

Overall, bicycle touring is a fun and rewarding way to explore new places and cultures. It offers a sense of freedom and independence that other forms of travel can't match, and it's a great way to stay active and healthy while on the road. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner, there's a bicycle touring adventure out there that's right for you.

Start this new year by planning and going on an epic ride. May 2023 be the year when you gear up and go!

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