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What is a hydration backpack and why do cyclists need it?

Hydration backpacks are a unique product that every long distance cyclists needs. Learn the pros and cons what to look for when choosing which hydration pack is best for you.

Sports hydration packs are essential for any active person whether they are engaged in outdoor activities like cycling or hiking, and many outdoor activities.

Hydration backpacks are a unique product that every long distance cyclists needs. Not only can they store water for those long rides but they also have the ability to hold other necessary items such as phones, snacks, and even clothes. This becomes even more critical if your bike frame is fitted with a bikepacking frame bag and space for your water bottle holders is limited.

A hydration backpack is a pack that typically has two main compartments: a larger main compartment and a smaller front compartment. The front section of the backpack is typically designed to store extra gear such as clothes, food, or an extra layer of clothing for those who cycle in varying weather or at nighttime. A hydration bladder or hose on the back of the backpack lets cyclists drink from it while on their bike. This provides ultimate flexibility and convenience during a ride.

Why You Should Get a Cycling Hydration Pack

Cycling is a popular sport. It’s also a very thirsty sport. Cyclists need to drink water during the ride to stay hydrated and energized. A hydration pack, specifically designed for the sport is a “must have” for any serious cyclist for on and off the bike adventuring.

Water is the most important nutrient for your body, and hydration packs can help keep you going on a long hike or a hot day. The pack should fit your body type and allow you to drink from it easily.

A good cycling hydration pack should have water storage capacity, backpacks with side pockets to carry snacks, energy bars, and other small items you might need on the ride, pockets on straps for carrying things like your cell phone or sunglasses, protection from the weather elements, accessibility to maps or other important documents in case you get lost or separated from your team members.

There are many benefits of using cycling hydration packs when riding bikes including comfortability and convenience of carrying all your gear in one place instead of trying to balance it all, most of all the best benefit is staying well hydrated during the ride, especially on hot days, enabling you to keep riding strong for long periods of time.

Best Features to Consider When Buying a Hydration Pack

When buying a hydration pack, it is important to decide which features are the most important to you. If you're considering whether or not to get one with a drinking tube (with easy to close off valve) or one without, most good hydration packs will have one that is easy to access while riding on your bike. The backpack itself should also allow enough insulation holding the hydration bladder to prevent the water from heating up quickly, even on long hot days.

The hydration bladder should also be easy-to-fill. It’s recommended that cyclists get one with a wide mouth opening for easy access and filling as you never know how you will access water to fill your hydration pack while on the road. The bladder should also be able to be firmly attached to a specific compartment within the backpack, ensuring that everything stays in place snuggly and provides stability on your back.

There are many other factors to take into account when deciding on which water reservoir is best suited for your needs! There are factors like the volume capacity of the pack, the length of ride and how much water you will need, outdoor heat, waterproofing and insulation with the need for water to stay cool or not. The amount of other gear you wish to carry in it should also be taken into account when choosing which hydration backpack is right for you.

How to Choose the Right Hydration Backpack For You

Hydration backpacks are the best option for cyclists who want to stay hydrated on long bike rides. They offer convenience and comfort, but there are many options available that it may be hard to choose the right one.

There are many types of hydration packs on the market today, and not all of them may be best suited for certain individuals. One way to determine if a pack will work well is to evaluate its capacity, comfortability, durability. Furthermore, one should also consider the pockets that the backpack has as well as how much water it can hold before needing to refill.

The bladders themselves should be made of BPA free material, ideally made with TPU which is the most "puncture proof" material for bladders.

ERRO 9L Hydration Pack

Cycle Touring Life has designed and distributes two quality hydration backpacks for cyclists and hikers that will suit almost all uses and length of rides. The 9L capacity pack with the 2L TPU bladder is perfectly suited for shorter day rides. The backpack has enough space for a lunch or spare clothing, rain jacket and essential tools along with enough water for the day.

The 13L pack, will enable you to carry even more gear, has a more insulated compartment for the water bladder is is suited for longer rides or if you have more gear to carry. Both backpacks are made of sturdy material, high quality drinking port, waterproof, stable and comfortable on your back and great looking.

Ride Longer and Stay Hydrated with the Help of a Cycling Hydrations Backpack

It is important to stay hydrated while cycling, and the best way to do that is by carrying a water bottle with you. But sometimes it can be difficult to find a spot to put your water bottle. A cyclist’s hydration backpack helps solve this problem, as it will make sure that you always have a place to put your water bottle and stay hydrated throughout your ride.

A cycling hydration backpack is the perfect solution to go on longer rides, carry the gear you need with you and stay hydrated the whole time, allowing you to enjoy that ride that much more.

Gear up and go!

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