Price Matching Policy


We strive to offer the most complete bicycle product lineup in Canada at very competitive prices, however in certain cases you may find an item we sell at a lower price through a competitor. We will match any published price if the following conditions are met:

  • The item is sold and shipped from within Canada from an authorized dealer.
  • The item is new and in stock of the identical model and year.

Any applicable shipping or fees will be included in calculating the price difference. Price match requests are handled at our discretion.


If you live in Canada, comparing an online purchase from an international store versus from a Canadian store is not an equivalent comparison. International stores have different regulations imposed by manufacturers, distributors and governments which may allow them to advertise products at lower prices. Keep in mind that international purchases are subject to longer transit times, potential delays at the border and additional charges in the form of duty and brokerage fees. Also, having a Canadian point of contact for warranty claims, support and returns is a definite advantage, should the need arise.

Although we cannot systematically price match products sold by international competitors, we often can, and if we aren't able to offer the same price, we will nevertheless provide your with our ultimate best price for your consideration.

Contact us at for any price matching inquiries.